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No Welding Needed

Learning how to weld takes time, specific tools and a lot of practice. We use pre-fabricated carbon lugs, bio-epoxy and bamboo tubes to build a bike frame.

No Large Workshop

You don't require a workshop space to build a bamboo bike frame. All you need is a minimum flat surface of 630mm x 910mm to set up our laser cut jig system.

No Complex Tools

The best part about our build process is that it requires the simplest tools for building. These tools are available in our shop.

Build Reviews

It is an absolute pleasure. I love looking at my bike so when I'm riding I can't wait for the next coffee stop to park my bike so I can look at it lovingly again :-) Ride-wise, it is exactly what I was hoping. It is quick, light, nimble and smoothes out the poor road surface that we have to suffer here in the north.

Looking back at all the work you've put in and ending up with a beautiful looking high quality bike is well worth it.

The additional understanding I gained from the process, along with the 100% custom built for me by me bike is not something you can buy in a shop!

Meet Your Instructor

Founder, James Marr created the Club through a love of bicycles and engineering. The aim was "to give everyone the opportunity to build a bike from scratch!"

Build Support
• 16+ build videos on YouTube
• Detailed A4 illustrated manual
• WhatsApp/Zoom/Email & phone support