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Custom Frame Kit


Create your own custom design or kit.

  • Bamboo tubes (with spares) 10
  • A0, full size blueprint 1
  • Aluminum 44mm head tube 1
  • Aluminum seat-sleeve for 27.2mm seat post 1
  • Standard 68mm English threaded bottom bracket shell 1
  • Modular dropouts with options for 3 fittings – QR, standard horizontal or 12mm thru-axle. Custom designed dropouts are available 2
  • Flax fibre webbing for lugs 1
  • Glue for tacking 1
  • Epoxy resin and hardener 1
  • Instruction manuals – Workmanship Guide, Introduction and Set-up, Step by Step build guide + online videos 1
  • Custom-developed bamboo bike jig and fittings 1
  • Sandpaper and sanding tube 1
  • Finishing pack for bottle mounts and cable runs 1
    • Rear jig spacing - 120mm/130mm/135mm/142mm/148mm
    • Seat tube choice between - 27.2/31.6
    • Head tube options - 1"/ 1 1/8 / 44mm/ tapered
    • Custom drawing and jig layout


Get your product within five working days. At Bamboo Bicycle Club, we hand pack each kit in our London workshop and ship via DHL.

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