The Bamboo Bicycle Club's Team Building Workshop is a distinctive and enriching experience designed to strengthen team bonds. Participants get hands-on experience in building bamboo bicycles, choosing fromassembling a complete bike, crafting a custom frame, orconstructing a balance bike.This process not only enhances teamwork and communication skills but also boosts morale and fosters a sense of accomplishment. Beyond team building, the workshop underscoressocial responsibility. Employees have the choice to keep their finished bikes or donate them to support charities in Kenya, Ethiopia, and London, promoting global awareness and community involvement. Led byskilled instructors, the workshop provides all necessary materials, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.Flexible venueoptions include hosting the workshop on company premises, at an external location, or virtually for remote teams. This workshop goes beyond typical corporate events by blending creativity, skill development, and social impact, aligning with sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals.

5-50 people - 3 hours build time

Frame Building

Build a complete bamboo bicycle frame using our unique build kit. Go through the build process step by step using a complete kit and supported by an expert frame builder. The frames can be donated to charities we work with or kept by participants

5-50 people 3 hours

Balance Bike

Our balance bike build is a simple build and allows participants to build a complete working bicycle in a short period of time.


Complete Bike Build

A complete frame build and fitting all the components to create a complete ridable bike. Great for companies looking to get there employers on bikes and create something for getting to work or for recreation.

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