Custom Frame Masterclass Workshop

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Craft Your Dream Ride: 2-Day Bamboo Bike Custom Frame Building Experience

Are you ready to bring your cycling aspirations to life? Join our immersive 2-day Bamboo Bike frame-building experience and embark on a journey that goes beyond just assembling a bike. When you book your spot, we'll arrange a personalized Zoom call to discuss every detail of your build. This tailored conversation ensures you're fully prepared to make the most of this extraordinary experience.

Your Comprehensive Workshop Experience:

  • Custom Frame Creation: Design and build a bespoke bicycle frame from the ground up, a reflection of your unique style and preferences.
  • Mastering Geometry: Dive into the fundamentals of bicycle geometry through hands-on jig setup, unlocking insights that enhance your understanding.
  • Crafting Front and Rear Triangles: Skillfully select, cut, and shape both the front and rear triangles, turning raw materials into a masterpiece.
  • Precision Assembly: Execute final geometry checks and meticulously tack the frame together, ensuring the utmost precision in your creation.
  • Components: Check your frame with brake bridges and supplementary components, elevating it from a frame to a functional work of art.
  • Sustainable Lugs: Learn the art of crafting flax lugs using natural flax fibers and bio-resin.
  • Frame Finishing Option: Extend your journey with an additional day dedicated to frame finishing. Opt for expert assistance at £150.00 per day.

Secure Your Spot:

Experience the joy of building your own bamboo bike frame and reserve your spot today. Click here to book via email at Your journey towards an exceptional bamboo bike begins now!


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Once you have booked, we will arrange a zoom call to discuss your build in full before the workshop commences. This will allow us to guide you through the process and help you to get the most from the experience

The workshop for frame building will include the following:

  • Design and build a custom bicycle frame from scratch
  • Jig setup and introduction to bicycle geometry
  • Selecting front triangle cutting and shaping
  • Selecting rear triangle cutting and shaping
  • Final geometry checks and tacking frame together
  • Fitting brake bridges and additional parts
  • Creating lugs using natural flax fibres and bio-resin
  • Removal from jig

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