Tim van Woudenberg – Founder of Bamboo Bicycle Club Amersfoort


Launched in 2019 Bamboo Bicycle Club Amersfoort is run by Tim van Woudenberg. In 2016 at the Design Museum in London, Tim came across an aero race bicycle. The bicycle appeared to be made from bamboo and designed by the Bamboo Bicycle Club. Tim was curious and immediately signed up for one of the weekend workshops! During this workshop and his first first frame from bamboo, Tim realised that the excitement of this experience must be shared with others. This is what inspired him to set up a workshop in Amersfoort as an extension of the club. 


At the Amersfoort Club, our workshops are not the only aim. Together with the fellow bamboo bicycle builders, the club hopes to organise social events, rides and encourage others to design and build their own bamboo bicycles. 

About us

At Bamboo Bicycle Club, we’ve been perfecting the techniques of bicycle building for the last 10 years - the array of bicycles that have rolled out of the workshop are testament to the company’s unique self-build philosophy that encourages “learning by making".

We offer in-house bicycle design experiences, home build kits and all the components needed for a a self build bicycle build.

Founded by James Marr in London in 2012, through a love of bicycles and engineering, the aim was "to give everyone the opportunity to build a bike from scratch!"

Regardless of being young or old, a cycling enthusiast or beginner, an experienced mechanic or novice – at Bamboo Bicycle Club, we are committed to enabling people to build cutting-edge bikes that are sustainable and can be completely recycled after many years of usage.

All profits are re-invested in R&D, and we work closely with universities to continually test prototype technology for building bicycles. This knowledge is then passed on via educational programs to schools, and to anyone attending a weekend workshop or building at home.

Our Vision -

To inspire conscious consumers around the world by providing them with innovative, sustainable transport solutions that empower people and connect them to their bicycles or environment.

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