How to Choose a Fork

How to Choose a Fork

Workshop Wednesdays, Series 01, Episode 02
How to Choose a Fork with James Marr

🔴Recorded live on Wednesday, September 9th, 2020 at 5.30 pm (GMT) in London, U.K 🔴

Our second live #workshopwednesdays session focused on nothing but forks! From ‘what should I think about when choosing a fork?’ to materials and measurements. This live session covered the technical details and differences in the types of forks out there to help you make better decisions for your build.

▬ Contents of this video  ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Recap from previous live workshop
0:27 - Focus of current live workshop
0:40 - Overview of how to choose a fork
1:01 - Celebrating workshop wednesday with a beer 
1:47 - What is a fork?
2:03 - Key measurements to consider when choosing a fork 
3:56 - Different types of fork materials
5:30 - Tapered vs straight steerer fork 
7:02 - Importance of tire selection
9:10 - Different types of brake types 
10:07 - Type of disc brakes 
12:11 - Examples of calliper brakes 
14:05 - Selecting and fitting mudguards
14:50 - Compatibility with pannier racks 
15:42 - Midway summary and checklist 
16:50 - Selecting a fork for a gravel bike
18:17 - Selecting a fork for a road bike 
19:04 - Selecting a fork for a hybrid bike
19:32 - Selecting a fork for a mountain bike 
20:29 - Final summary and checklist 
21:10 - Guidance on selecting a fork 
22:17 - Announcing the next workshop 
22:46 - Questions from the live audience 
22:58 - Advice for brakes on a tandem bicycle
24:31 - Tapered fork, frame compatibility and tapered head tube for a mountain bike 
25:46 - Calculating clearance required 
27:06 - Beer swig from new bamboo beer mug 🍻
28:00 - Sign off

Recommended steel forks for bikepacking, Surly Bikes:

Recommended fork for tandem bicycle, SJS Cycles:


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🪡 James' workshop apron was made by Georgina Habgood from denim deadstock. She is hoping to make the sewing pattern available for free soon.

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