• Gravel Bike by Stephen

    Gravel Bike by Stephen

    I took it down my usual test ride route which is an unmaintained road along a canal. Never felt the usual road noise through my body which made the bike unbelievably nippy.


  • Gravel Bike by Maialen

    Gravel Bike by Maialen

    I would recommend it. Although you need to be really patient and thorough.


  • Gravel Bike by Dan

    Gravel Bike by Dan

    “The most fun part was planning out the geometry and setting it up on the jig, cutting the bamboo and seeing the frame come together.”

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  • Gravel Bike by Max

    Gravel Bike by Max

    “The additional understanding I gained from the process, along with the 100% custom built for me by me bike is not something you can buy in a shop!”

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  • Gravel Bike by Andy

    Gravel Bike by Andy

    “I was in the market for a new gravel bike but also wanted something to focus on during lockdown and building my own bamboo frame ticked both boxes ... It's one of the most rewarding things I've done.”

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  • Gravel Bike by Tim

    Gravel Bike by Tim

    "Reading the stories and watching videos in which cyclists were riding bamboo bicycles on dirt roads assured me that building a bamboo gravel bike is definitely possible."

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