Adventure on Bamboo 29er's

Adventure on Bamboo 29er's

Limitless Adventure is traveling around the world here is some more info about their ethos. You can learn more at

Get There Without Fossil Fuels

If you can swing it, get into nature using an emissions-free method. If you can’t, we totally understand. Reduce your impact by ride-sharing, or choosing a place as close to you as possible. If you need to travel far away, balance your impact through earth-healing volunteerism or donations to earth-healing organizations.

Leave Nature Better Than When You Found It

Pick up other people’s trash. Don’t leave trash behind. Bury your poop. Put out your campfire. Don’t touch animals (seriously, it can be life-ending for them). Plant something in a desertified place. Forage in a way that doesn’t decimate the plant population. Basically … the earth is alive, treat her like you’d treat a friend

Bring an Indoor Friend With You

Your indoor friend needs time in nature just as much as we all do. Choose an indoor friend, and invite them kindly, but relentlessly to join you. Also, be gentle when reintroducing your indoor friend to our earth. Start out with easy trips on beautiful days, and then work your way up to crossing the Pyrenees on bamboo bikes

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