The Oratory School Launches a Bamboo Bike Workshop

The Oratory School Launches a Bamboo Bike Workshop

The Oratory School is delighted to announce its partnership with the Bamboo Bicycle Club, with the launch of its very first Bamboo Bicycle Club workshop on Saturday 29 February. The Oratory School will be the first and only school in the UK to have an integrated bamboo bike building facility.

Workshop in Schools
Bamboo Bicycle Club in School! The View of the workshop

The Oratory School’s Bamboo Bicycle Club will comprise of a series of 2 day ‘Build your own custom bamboo bike’ workshops led by The Bamboo Bicycle Club founder, James Maw, his colleague Russell Hollie and Nick Mills, The Oratory School’s Head of Design Technology. Workshop spaces will be open to parents and pupils of The Oratory School with a limited number of spaces available to the general public.

Bamboo Bikes are built with sustainable materials reducing carbon footprint. They offer a smoother ride with natural vibration dampening and the customised frame improves comfort and performance as well as being compatible with all major component manufactures. Bamboo is durable, resistant to stress and has a high tensile strength.

A School Bamboo Workshop
Workshop all set up within the existing DT Department with accommodation for 3 builders at a time

Nick Mills, Head of Design Technology says “I’m very excited that James Marr and Russell Hollie, have agreed to begin the first-ever Bamboo Bicycle Club in a school. This is something that will make The Oratory School unique. There is not another school in the UK with this as an option for its students or the public.”

The Bamboo Bicycle Club was founded by James Maw in London in 2012. It came about through his love of bicycles and engineering and the desire to give everyone the opportunity to build a bike from scratch. The Bamboo Bicycle Club is committed to enabling people to build cutting-edge bikes that are sustainable and that can be completely recycled after many years of usage.

Bamboo School Workshop

The school will be hosting workshops for pupils as part of the STEM projects in which pupils will be able to build there own bicycles.

For the wider community and pupils' parents, Nick who runs the DT department will also be offering 3 workshops throughout the year enabling members of the public to sign up for a workshop.


For more information, please come to The Oratory School’s Bamboo Bicycle Club launch on Saturday 29 February, 13.30 – 17.00, or email