Bamboo Bicycle Club offers the following warranties:

  • Limited 3 years warranty on our ‘Workshop Builds’
  • Limited 1 year warranty on our ‘Home Build Kits’
  • Limited 2 years warranty on our ‘Gravel Carbon Fork’ and ‘Road Disc Fork’

These only apply to the original builder / purchaser. It cannot be extended or transferred to a third party.

1. About

Our bikes are often constructed by novices looking to take part in their first bike-building experience. As such, we take every care to make sure that club members are taught correctly and safely, resulting in a strong, reliable and safe build.

If the process is followed correctly we believe the resulting build will be a successful one, and like to think that the 100s of bikes we’ve assisted with are testament to that. 

However, sometimes things do go wrong and in that instance we want to make sure you know you’re covered. 

2. What does the limited warranty cover? 
2.2. Workshops

Bamboo Bicycle Club warranty applies to the frame only. Which includes the following:

  • Large, structural splits in the bamboo
  • Failures of any hemp lugs, cracking etc.
  • Delamination of any integrated metal components

This warranty covers all bamboo frames for their lifetime in the instance that you perform the repair, whether at our workshop or at home. We will cover the cost of: 

  • Any materials required to repair the frame
  • Use of workshop facilities*
  • Use of workshop consumables*

*If the repair is made at our workshop

This warranty does not cover repairs to your frame made by us, but this service is available for a reasonable charge.

2.3. Home Build Kits

Bamboo Bicycle club warranty applies to all original frame materials supplied by Bamboo Bicycle Club. We will replace any materials which are defective for 1 year from purchase date (excluding bamboo tubing which is 3 months). For failures in finished builds, the warranty is only valid if the following steps are taken during the build:

  • Correctly mitered connections
  • 4 layers of hemp across each of the head tube, bottom bracket and seat tube, 2 layers on each of the dropouts
  • Following the geometry diagram with no modifications
  • Compatible parts fitted correctly

And providing the frame has been used in accordance with its design. E.g. no downhill racing on a hybrid frame, no overloaded panniers etc.

2.4. You make the repair

This warranty only applies to repairs you make to your own frame – the costs covered are for our materials, guidance and workshop space. We do not make warranty repairs to frames – but we will do repairs for a reasonable cost in the instance that you cannot or would prefer not to do them yourself. Please do not be afraid to talk to us about any problems you have, we will always do our best to help out 

2.5. Bamboo

Bamboo is a natural material, and we can only replace split bamboo 3 months after the purchase date. Our bamboo is hand selected for quality and left for six months to acclimatise and for the moisture level to stabilise after harvesting. We pack our bamboo in a sealed membrane for shipping to prevent moisture movement. We also recommend lacquer in the build process to ensure years and years of life and so that it can be used in all weathers. After purchase the bamboo must be checked but then resealed in the membrane it was shipped and stored at room temperature until you are ready to build.

2.6. Exclusions Not Covered by this Warranty 

This limited warranty will be void in the event of, and does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear, paint chips etc.
  • Cosmetic splitting* of the bamboo
  • Defects, failures, or malfunctions that result from:
  • Abuse, misuse, alteration, modification, accident, neglect, downhill racing+ or stunt riding+ (+excluding MTB/fatbike/BMX frames)
  • Improper assembly, installation or maintenance
  • Improperly repaired/sealed splits, or
  • Other abnormal, excessive or improper conditions or use.
  • Fitting of incorrect or incompatible components
  • Bamboo not stored correctly

*Cosmetic splits – bamboo is a natural material and can occasionally split. By ensuring the frame has correct protection this can be eliminated.

2.7. Components

There is a two year warranty on our Gravel Carbon Fork and Road Disc Fork for the original purchaser.

All other components such as handlebars, headsets, wheels, brakes, belt drives, gears, seats, seat posts, bearings etc. are not warranted by Bamboo Bicycle Club but are covered by the respective manufacturer’s warranties.

Examples of component failures:

  • Punctures
  • Breakages due to misuse
  • Component manufacturing defects
  • Poor maintenance resulting in failure
  • Any other component failures
General component manufacturer warranties

All new components on Bamboo Bicycle Club bicycles are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

SHIMANO provide 3 YEARS on Dura-Ace and XTR, 2 YEARS on all other series, 1 YEAR on wheels

SRAM (Truvativ, Rock Shox, Avid) provide 2 YEARS on all components

MAVIC provide 2 YEARS on all wheels and rims

All other components – see manufacturer terms.

3. Warranty Claim Process

  • You need to have registered your warranty within 3 months of purchasing your frame or fork.
  • Please complete the Warranty Claim Form on our website
  • If you have any photos to support your warranty claim please email these to  info@bamboobicylceclub.org and ensure that you include your order number.
  • You will also need to provide original proof of purchase.

If the Bamboo Bicycle Club frame built is defective and the defect is covered by this limited warranty, Bamboo Bicycle Club, at its sole discretion, will supply replacements for the faulty materials and guidance and advice to make the repair.

If you opt to come to the workshop to make the repair, Bamboo Bicycle Club will supply replacements for the faulty materials, guidance and advice to make the repair and supply consumables and workshop space until such time as we deem the problem in question is resolved.

You are solely responsible for making the repair and making sure it is safe to ride.

Bamboo Bicycle Club will be responsible for any shipping charges for supply of replacement materials in the event of a valid warranty claim. You will be responsible for any reasonable shipping charges associated with invalid warranty claims or in the case that you opt for us to make repairs on your behalf .

4. Safety and Maintenance

Bicycle riding is an inherently dangerous activity and the bicycle rider is assuming that risk. Proper care and maintenance of your Bamboo Bicycle Club frame is your responsibility and can reduce the risk of injury. 

5. Disclaimer

Bamboo Bicycle Club will not be held responsible for any damages to you or others arising from riding, transporting or other use of your bicycle. In the event that your frame breaks or malfunctions, Bamboo Bicycle Club shall have no liability or obligation beyond the supply of replacement materials, workshop space, consumables and postage charges pursuant to the terms outlined in the warranty.


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