James Marr was born in a rural landscape and developed a passion for cycling and sustainability. A keen problem solver, James completed a degree in Engineering, with early work in water hydraulics for Thames Water, followed by work in Renewable Micro Power Generation. In 2012, he founded the Bamboo Bicycle Club, pioneering a unique business model. Countering current consumer trends, the club promotes the self-build of bicycles made from bamboo. He has been teaching bamboo bike building for 12 years and has taught over 180 classes.

As the Club founder, James has achieved innovation in the cycle industry. Through his knowledge of bio-composites and work with bamboo, he has collaborated with engineers worldwide on bamboo and natural composite design challenges. He has worked extensively in bamboo design across multiple platforms, including work for the UN and Article 25, and has advised on many bamboo products.

His work has been featured in the London Design Museum, Réunion des Musées Nationaux - Grand Palais, Muzej - Museo Lapidarium, and the IFB2016 Innovation Showcase. He has also given talks in museums as part of panel discussions and has been featured in a Discovery documentary series. He’s committed to improving knowledge around sustainability and advising and working with universities and student groups. He has been involved with UCL University as a co-project coordinator, regularly offers guest lectures, and has written many articles published in Permaculture magazine, Design and Technology magazine, as well as works and interviews featured on blogs and in books

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