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Bamboo Wheelchair Prototype

by James Marr 12 Aug 2020

Our friend Des over at the Bamboo Bicycle Club in Munich, has been working closely with Abel from Ethiopia, who has flown in to create a prototype foldable bamboo wheelchair.

It is estimated that between 100 million children and adults need wheelchairs. Some experts believe it could be as high as 6% of the population of developing countries and is higher in “landmine” countries like Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bosnia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Mozambique have extremely high physical disability rates.

Wheelchairs are available through charity’s that ship in large container absorbing considerable funds to cover shipping and fees. Bamboo Bicycle Club have looked to bring their ability to teach bicycle building to support wheel chair development using bamboo,
Similar to a bicycle the key advantages are improved ride quality, strength and of course the ability to customise to the rides body.

If you've got a building challenge that you've always wanted to create from bamboo - get in touch Great job by Des

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