29er Build by Reed

29er Build by Reed

Design: MTB 29er 
Build: 29er Home Build Kit
Location: Albuquerque, USA

What made you decide to build a bamboo bike?

Wanted to experience my future rides with something new and exciting. I wanted to build my bicycle from the ground up. When I found that Bamboo Bicycle Club offered everything I needed I knew this is where I needed to start.

Did you enjoy building the bicycle from scratch and would you recommend the experience?

I did enjoy experience. At first it was a little intimidating. I was worried that even with the complete kit and detailed instructions, that I still would break or fail at completing the build. This feeling was brief and only in the beginning. Once I found the very detailed manual and the many informative videos on YouTube, I then realized I actually can do this!

What did you find most difficult about your bike build?

I would have to say that finding the perfect angle and the bending of the dropouts was the most difficult for me. I highly recommend having/ fitting the rear wheel into the dropouts immediately mid-build so that once you're in the final stages it won't be an issue.

What was the easiest part of the build?

Peeling the tape off the lug wrappings. Perhaps tedious at times, its amazing to me that the tape does not adhere to the epoxy resin! Thank goodness it doesnt. Super cool.

How would you describe the ride of your finished bike?

Amazing. Nothing rides better than something you built with your bare hands! On a technical note, the framework was inline in all the important areas. Stable and assuring. Flex was minimal upon standing and really responsive when transitioning. Very pleased overall.

What would you improve about the build experience or your finished bike?

Only a few simple changes (which are available through Bamboo Bicycle Club) I definitely wish to upgrade to the tapered head tube. I had chosen to drill two small drain holes in the bottom bracket as to aid in water being trapped. also would choose my seat tube a little more cautiously. The nodes may hinder and present a challenge of your seat tube from appropriate up/down measurements. I have since purchased a drill bit extension to aid in this.