Bamboo Tubing

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Craft Your Dream Ride with Handpicked Bamboo!

Product Details:

  • 4 Front Triangle Bamboo Pieces: Suitable for Down, Top, and Seat Tubes with an additional piece for backup or experimentation. 
  • 6 Rear Bamboo Segments: Designed for Chainstays and Seatstays. Includes two extra pieces for ultimate customization or as spare.


  • Every piece is sourced from top-grade Moso Bamboo, renowned for its strength and durability.
  • Hand-selected for optimal diameter and wall thickness to ensure not just aesthetic appeal but also the structural integrity of your bicycle frame
Frame Area: Front Triangle
Subtotal: £52.00

    • 4 x Front triangle bamboo (for Down, top, seat tube with one spare)
    • 6 x Rear bamboo (for chainstay's and seatstays with 2 spare.
    • Moso Bamboo handpicked for specific diameter and wall thickness.

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