Gravel Build By Jelle

Gravel Build By Jelle

What Made You Decide to Build a Bamboo Bike?

I've always wanted to undertake my own project and the idea of crafting a bike with my own hands was particularly appealing.

Did You Enjoy Building the Bicycle from Scratch and Would You Recommend the Experience?

Absolutely, yes! The experience was incredibly fulfilling and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a hands-on project.

What Did You Find Most Difficult About Your Bike Build?

The most challenging part was having to re-glue the bamboo because it got loose during the process.

What Was the Easiest Part of the Build?

Surprisingly, cutting the bamboo into the right size was the easiest part of the build.

How Would You Describe the Ride of Your Finished Bike?

The ride is super comfortable! I really loved it from the first minute. It was perfect!

What Would You Improve About the Build Experience or Your Finished Bike?

Honestly, there's nothing I would change. It's nice just the way it is!