• Gravel Bike by Will

    Gravel Bike by Will

    I am absolutely blown away by the feel of the bikeI The combination of the custom geometry, comfort and strength properties of bamboo together with brand-new components means that this is by far the most comfortable, smooth bike I have ever ridden.


  • Gravel Bike by Steve

    Gravel Bike by Steve

    I started the build last winter and it taught me a heap of new skills as well as giving a real appreciation of how a bike is put together. I'd recommend that every keen cyclist tries it once!

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  • Carbon Bamboo Build by Ian

    Carbon Bamboo Build by Ian

    "It is great that you are able to make something with your own hands using a few simple tools."

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  • Custom MTB 29er by Xavier

    Custom MTB 29er by Xavier

    “In comparison with steel frame, you only have to glue the tube together instead of weld it. It is very easy and It is easier to get a straight frame.”

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  • Gravel Bike by Dan

    Gravel Bike by Dan

    “The most fun part was planning out the geometry and setting it up on the jig, cutting the bamboo and seeing the frame come together.”

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  • Road Carbon Bike by Oliver

    Road Carbon Bike by Oliver

    “I already own a bamboo bike which I had purchased on a trip to Ghana, and I really love it.”

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