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Tutorials for Road Carbon Frame Build Kit

by James Marr 16 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Hosted by James Marr, a bicycle designer and an engineer, in this series of tutorial videos James explains and instructs the viewer on how to build a bamboo bicycle frame using a Road Carbon Frame Build kit.

Our tutorial series takes you through each step of the build process for our latest home build kit, the Road Carbon Frame Build kit. You can access the playlist directly in the video above (symbol in the top right hand corner) or access each video individually below: 

Complete list of tutorials
01 What's in the Kit
02 Tools Needed
03 Assembling the jig
04 Shaping the Top Tube
05 Shaping the Front Triangle
06 Shaping the Rear Triangle
07 Front Triangle Assembly
08 Rear Triangle Assembly
09 Preparing to Glue
10 Gluing the Front Triangle
11 Gluing the Rear Triangle
12 Finishing the Frame
13 Painting the lugs
14 Untaping the Frame
15 Applying Decals
16 Sealing the Frame

For any additional questions contact our team or on WhatsApp +447799180926


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