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New jig for Flax kit

by James Marr 06 May 2021 5 Comments

After 1000's of builds we have changed the jig to make it simpler to build at home with greater accuracy. Our community has given us feedback and we are excited to launch the new and improve home build jig.

Here are some of the new features,

  • Flatpacked simple assemble and more robust in transit.
  • High level of tolerances so keeping your parts aligned.
  • Two point fixing for dropouts allowing for perfect alignment between drive and non drive, making it impossible to misalign the rear wheel.
  • Ability to work on any table top so you won't need to purshase a base board

Video Tutorial below


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10 Jul 2021 Ted

So far so good. I had to just sand a bit off to fit the BB onto its jig, and to get the drop out fittings in.

24 May 2021 Steve

Wasn’t to happy with the second rate jig I was sent if it weren’t for my ability to
Adapt and overcome bad design I would not have been able to complete my bike so I don’t think I’ll be buying anything from you guys again

21 May 2021 Paul

Hi team, thanks, great video. What about boost spacing on the dropout?

13 May 2021 Ted

Fantastic improvement over the previous jig! Well done!

07 May 2021 Henry

Having built a kit a few years ago, bikes still going strong but this would have made it easier! Nice job!

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