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Building Bamboo Bikes in New Zealand

by James Marr 14 May 2020

Glenn's built a few bikes with us using a home build kit in New Zealand, it's great that he's managed to source bamboo locally as well!

Thru Axle Bamboo Dropout
Glenns beautiful Bamboo MTB build!

Glenn Irving brought a kit set bamboo bike online and built it at home. His finished bike turned out to be so popular he's built several more for friends and family.

As an engineer by trade he acknowledged that he doesn't get to use his hands as much as he would like and building bamboo bikes has given him that connection. He describes the first time how he felt when he first rode a bamboo bike that he built and the unique experience it gave him.

Listen to the interview below (Sound on!)

RNZ Radio

Some of Glenns Bikes

Bamboo MTB Bike
Second build was a bamboo MTB.
Bamboo Road Bike
Glenns first build was a bamboo road bike


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