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Frequently Asked Questions About Bamboo Bikes - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains genuine answers to genuine (albeit sometimes not frequent) questions that we’ve been asked over the years. So please remember that there is no such thing as a silly question!


Why build a bamboo bicycle?
Why bother building one yourself?
How much does a Bamboo Bicycle weigh?
Are Bamboo Bicycles strong enough?
How long will a bamboo bike frame last?
Will the bamboo degrade over time?
Can I store my bamboo bicycle outside chained to fence?


Bamboo Bike Building Workshops

Why do you run the workshops?
Can two people build one bicycle?
Can you sell me a complete bamboo bicycle?
What material do you use to join the bike frames?
Can I build a bicycle at your workshop to sell?
Do you do custom bikes or custom geometry ?
How much does it all cost?

Home Build Bamboo Bike Kits

Do you Ship Internationally?
What frame sizes are available?
What's a jig and why is it important?
Why don’t you pre-miter the Bamboo?
How long does the build take?
How much can I customize?
What happens if I struggle on any parts of the build?
Do you supply all the components?
How do you recommend fitting all the components to the frame when I’ve built it?


‘Wheely Funny’ Questions!

If you crash, won’t you get splinters?
Couldn’t they catch fire?
Won’t a dog try and bite it?

Material Information


Binding Materials

Do contact us if you have any further questions: