1 Day Lugged Frame Build London

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Discover the effortless art of crafting your own bamboo bike with our revolutionary lugs. Building a bamboo bike has reached new heights of simplicity and creativity. Join our 1-day workshop and exit with a fully assembled frame, ready to hit the road!

In our comprehensive 1-day frame building workshop, you'll experience:

  • Selecting a stock frame size (Road and Gravel bike options available)
  • Jig setup & an insightful introduction to Bicycle Geometry
  • Hands-on experience in selecting, cutting, and shaping the front triangle
  • Skillfully crafting the rear triangle through precise cutting and shaping
  • Thorough final geometry checks and expert frame assembly
  • Expertly fitting brake bridges and supplementary components
  • The moment of pride: removing your frame from the jig
  • Concluding with a protective coating that ensures lasting appeal

Frame Finishing Option: To perfect your creation, consider our additional frame finishing day. You're welcome to complete this in our workshop, further enriching your experience. For a cost of £150.00 per day, we offer expert guidance in fitting components.


Experience the joy of building your own bamboo bike frame and reserve your spot today. Click here to book via email at info@bamboobicycleclub.org. Your journey towards an exceptional bamboo bike begins now!

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Since the launch of our lugs, building a bamboo bike has never been easier. Join our 1-day workshop where you will leave with a finished frame, ready to ride!

Our 1-day workshop for frame building includes the following:

  • Choose a stock frame size (Road and Gravel bike available)
  • Jig setup & Introduction to Bicycle Geometry
  • Selecting, cutting and shaping the  front triangle 
  • Selecting, cutting and shaping the  rear triangle 
  • Final geometry checks and gluing frame together
  • Fitting brake bridges and additional parts
  • Removal from jig
  • Final protective coating over the frame
This will need to be undertaken as an additional day or completed at home.
If you'd like to complete this in our workshop, an additional day can be booked @£150.00 per day for assistance with fitting components.

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