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Discovering the Bamboo Bicycle Club Gravel Kit: An Adventure with Julian Goulding

by James Marr 11 Sep 2023

About The builder! The world of cycling is vast, and among the many enthusiasts and professionals lies a gem named Julian Goulding. A passionate rider from New Zealand, Julian isn't just any cyclist. He's the force behind *Epic Cycle Adventures*, steering the ship. But there's more to Julian than just riding; he's got a knack for constructing remarkable things and cherishing the simple joys of life, like savoring a good beer after a long ride.

So, when we decided to find someone who could truly understand and appreciate our Gravel Kit's worth, Julian was an immediate choice. We handed over one of our  gravel kits to him.

And Julian didn't disappoint. He's captured the entire build process, the challenges, the fun, and the satisfaction in a video, giving us an inside look into his journey with our Gravel Kit.

Want a closer look? Dive into Julian Goulding's world and see how our Gravel Kit transforms into a frame


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