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Working with Bamboo

by James Marr 06 Jan 2021

It's really important how you store and care for your bamboo before you use it.

Our community of bamboo bicycle builders have given us great feedback and insight on some useful ways to make sure you don't damage your bamboo. So before starting to work with the tubes, do give these tips a read and make sure to enjoy your build.

Outdoor bamboo workshop

Preparing bamboo tubes during a summer workshop in London, U.K.


One of the most important tips to keep your bamboo from getting damaged is to keep it out of the sun. If too much moisture leaves the bamboo it will crack.

Cut bamboo tubes with tape

Wrap bamboo tubes with masking tape before making any cuts


Completely cover the bamboo when working with it, either with tape or paper this will stop cracking when cutting and protect the bamboo from UV and drying out.

Bamboo storage at workshop

Protecting and storing our bamboo tubes in our London workshop.


If not using immediately store in a place where the bamboo will not experience rapid temperature change and not in direct sunlight

Finishing on bamboo frame

A bright yellow finishing with a decal on the final frame


Once you have completed the frame you must protect the bamboo using Polyurethane spray or yacht varnish this will prevent cracking and allow you to use the frame in rain.

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