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CHF 30.34
CHF 30.34

Bamboo Bicycle Club Presents: The Precision-Engineered 27.2mm/31.6mm Sleeve

Crafted with the bamboo frame builder in mind, our sleeve is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with bamboo structures. Its dimensions ensure compatibility with front derailleurs, while also accommodating dropper posts and standard 27.2mm seat posts. The distinctive knurled finish is not just an aesthetic touch; it's a testament to engineering foresight, ensuring prolonged bonding and preventing premature debonding.

Key Features:

  • Internal Seatube: A versatile 27.2mm/31.6mm dimension, tailored for optimal fit.
  • Diameter: A  30mm outside diameter, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Seat Clamp: Specifically designed to require a 30mm seat clamp for secure positioning.
  • Tolerance: Precision-engineered with a tolerance of +0.25 mm (.010″) – 0.5 mm (.020″), guaranteeing impeccable alignment.
  • Design: Enhanced with a knurled surface, a crucial feature to fortify bonding longevity.
  • Size: A robust 130mm in length, offering ample adjustability.
  • Material: Fabricated from industry-leading 7005-T6 aluminum tubing, ensuring lightweight durability.
  • Origin: Proudly conceptualized and manufactured in the UK, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Elevate your bamboo bicycle building experience with our precision-engineered sleeve, where engineering meets elegance.

    Diameter: 27.2mm
    Subtotal: CHF 30.34

    Our 27.2mm/31.6mm sleeve is perfect for bamboo frame building. Narrow enough to fit inside bamboo which will be compatible with a front derailleur. You can also use a dropper post or any standard 27.2mm seat posts. Knurled for longevity as without it can easily debond.

    • 27.2mm/31.6mm internal seatube
    • 30mm outside diameter
    • Requires a 30mm seat clamp
    • A tolerance of +0.25 mm (.010″) – 0.5 mm (.020″)
    • Knurled to improve bonding.
    • 130mm in length
    • Made from 7005-T6 aluminium tubing
    • Manufactured in the UK

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