About Us

Welcome to Bamboo Bicycle Club

Welcome to Bamboo Bicycle Club

A hub of innovation, craftsmanship, and sustainable mobility nestled in the heart of London. Born from a passion for eco-friendly transportation and the joy of hands-on creation, we've been pioneering the art of bamboo bicycle making since 2012.

Our Philosophy

At Bamboo Bicycle Club, we believe that the journey to crafting your mode of transportation can be as fulfilling as the rides you embark upon. It's not just about the destination, but the rewarding process of creating something truly unique with your own hands.

Our Workshops

Step into our workshop, a place where creativity meets practicality. Our expert-led sessions provide a comprehensive experience, guiding you through the intricate process of building a bamboo bicycle from scratch. It's more than just a learning experience; it's a hands-on journey that culminates in the birth of your custom ride. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a green enthusiast, our workshops are designed to empower you with new skills, knowledge, and a bicycle that tells a story - yours.

DIY Bamboo Bicycle Kits

For those who prefer the comfort of their own space, our bespoke Bamboo Bicycle Kits deliver the workshop experience to your door. Complete with all the necessary materials and tools, our kits are coupled with detailed instructions and online support, ensuring you can enjoy the bamboo building process in your own time and space.

Corporate Workshops

Unleash the team-building potential of your company with our corporate workshops. Tailored to foster collaboration and innovation, our sessions offer a unique opportunity for colleagues to work together on a project that promotes sustainability and collaboration.

Why Bamboo?

Offers the ability for anyone to create there own bicycle; Bamboo offers natural vibration dampening, incredible strength-to-weight ratio, ability to shape easily for any frame size or shape.

Welcome to the club. Welcome to Bamboo Bicycle Club.

Timeline Some of What We Remember.

First Workshop in Hackney Wick


First Workshop

Founded in 2012 by James Marr, The Bamboo Bicycle Club in Hackney Wick, London Offering expert-led workshops.

New Workshop and Updated Custom Tools


Expanded to new workshop and press collaborations

  • New Workshop to accommodate upto 8 frame builders.
  • New alumnium jig designed for bamboo bike production
  • First Bamboo MTB
  • Shot film with filmmaker John Stow
  • Education Projects, Clothing, Home Build Kit, Crossing Continets


    Expansion of Product Line

  • School project with Latymer school, go on to work with schools across Europe.
  •  Launch of clothing range
  • Launch of home build kit first kit going on to ship to 45 countries
  • Design and development of bamboo mudguards
  • First world tour on hand made bamboo bike, Tom and Nicky travel from London to Sinagpore.
  •  Build of First bamboo BMX
  • pop-up workshop abroad in Munich, the club pop-up in Sweden, Netherlands, France, USA and Croatia
  • First fatbike build
  • Aero Bike, London Design Museum build and feature, New bamboo Beer.


    New Aerobike and new Models


  • First beach cruiser
  • First Tandem bike build
  • Development of new aerobike using split tubing, sub 700g frame
  • First water bike
  • Brewed our first bamboo beer
  • Developed a balance bike kit
  • Built a bamboo frame for exhibition in the Design Museum London
  • 3d printed lugs, collaborations with Great British Campaign and Kevin Mcloud.


    3d printed bikes


  • Developed first cargo with UCL university.
  • World's First 3D Printed Bamboo Bike, collaboration with Oxford Brookes University, & Design Museum
  • First Bamboo Ebike.
  • Collaboration with Grand Designs and Kevin Mcloud.
  • Setup design programme for Primary schools
  • Collaboration with Great British campaign showcasing innovation in design
  • Collaboration with Kate Rawles and Eden project to create the lowest carbon footprint.
  • Cargo bikes for Africa with UCL, moving to a new workshop


    Cargo bikes and Munich Workshop

  • Setup workshop in Munich, Germany.
  • First Bulliet style cargo bike.
  • Workshop pop up the Eden project and participate in sportive.
  • Setup bike hire scheme with Hilton Hotel with staff building bikes for hire.
  • Move workshop to much larger space in Canning town London.
  • Folding Bike, Wheelchair Google Pop-up


    Folding bike, Workshops abroad bamboo wheelchair


  • First folding bike build in Collboration with Queen Mary university
  • Workshop in Kenya & bamboo wheelchair
  • Launch of modular dropout to create a universal bike frame for all setups
  • Tour de sands, 10 bamboo bikes tour around Italy for charity.
  • Pop-up with Google in Regents street
  • First bamboo tall bike
  • School projects, Recumbent Bike, Bamboo Artitecture project with Article 25


    New designs and Dog joins the workshop


  • First bamboo Recumbent bike.
  • Betty the dog joins the workshop.
  • Develop a single tube of bamboo design with no glue needed and build with schools in the UK.
  •   =
  • Work with Article 25 to build bamboo pavilion architecture design.
  • Open Bamboo Bicycle Club Amersfoort.
  • Lug kits launched cutting time by 90%, cargo bike


    New Gravel bike, Carbon lugs, cargo Bike

  • Workshop with King University to create an engineering build programme.
  • Prototype of lugged aluminium lugs.
  • Prototype of Carbon lugs and test build.
  • Build of bespoke Gravel frame with Grus with Cyclist magazine Collaboration to create ultimate gravel bike.
  • Began developing utility cargo bike.