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Alternative Bike Cafes in London

by James Marr 02 Dec 2019

You’re probably all familiar with the likes of Rapha cafes and Look Mum No Hands, but here’s a list of our 5 favourite London cycle cafés.

Be sure to pop in for repair work, parts, or a mid cycle coffee and snack once normality resumes and we’re able to explore on two wheels again!

Machine London Bridge

Machine – a family run workshop and café space on Tower Bridge Road (SE1) offering Monmouth coffee, sandwiches and a vegan stew of the day in a relaxed setting, and also sells their own merchandise ranging from hand printed t-shirts, to socks and mugs. find out more at

Cyclelab & Juicebar
Cyclelab & Juicebar Pitfield Street N1

Cyclelab & Juicebar – not only offers bike repairs and juices on Pitfield Street (N1) as the name suggests, but also Square Mile coffee, cakes and granola pots, and even a yoga class twice each month designed specifically for cyclists to target hamstrings, hips, IT bans, back and shoulders, and core strength. Find out more at

Soho Bikes
Soho Bikes

Soho Bikes – a central spot happy to fix any emergency with a good stock of everything you could need and a side-line in bespoke coffee blends, all in an open plan workshop on Berwick Street (W1F). Less costly than alternatives in the area, and you can even get a branded t-shirt, hoodie or beanie to go. find out more at

Dynamo Bike

The Dynamo – open from 7.30am until 10 or 11pm every day, offering cyclists on Putney Bridge Road (SW15) a huge choice of breakfasts, salads, lunchtime plates and woodfire pizza, as well as having table tennis downstairs and hosting bike focussed film screenings, Q&A’s and other events. find out more at

London Velo
London Velo

London Velo – open 7 days per week on Deptford High Street (SE7) offering bike servicing and repairs, alongside coffee, smoothies, Brick Lane bagels and both vegan and non-vegan lunch options, also organises regular Sunday Social Rides for members and non-members. Find out more at

We’re aware this is a far from exhaustive list, so please let us know your top tips and any favourites in your area.

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