• City Bike by Tamas

    City Bike by Tamas

    Tamas built his bamboo commuter at a 4 day workshop. Hear how he found the build and what he thinks about his finished bike!

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  • City Bike by Eric

    City Bike by Eric

    "Real bike enthusiasts immediately spot this unique one-of-a-kind bike. You will always end up having a nice chat with a stranger."

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  • City Bike by Roelof

    City Bike by Roelof

    "...bamboo gives the bicycle a great deal of stiffness. Something I had not thought beforehand. I cycle to the office with it every day."

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  • City Bike by Matthew

    City Bike by Matthew

    "I love it. The ride is so very smooth. I did wonder if it would be over-flexible but its wonderfully nippy whilst still being compliant."

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  • City Bike by Ron

    City Bike by Ron

    "When it became time to retire my commuter bike I decided to build another bamboo bike to replace it."

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  • City Bike by Abel

    City Bike by Abel

    "I have seen the tutorial videos again and again before getting the home built kits, I recommend everyone to build and ride their own bikes."

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