Bamboo Bicycle Club London

Educational Packages


We work with a number of schools and universities to create an alternative educational resource. Many schools benefit from the cross curriculum benefit of bamboo bike building. Creating a unique opportunities for student to learn about engineering, aerodynamics, sports science, sustainable materials. Weather your looking for after school club activity or a workshop session we can tailor a product for your need.   For further information do drop us a email
  • A group of AS level Product Design students to East London to work on a project to build their own bicycle frame from bamboo
    CASE STUDY: Laytmer Upper School
  • PROJECT: Multi frame build kit
    The kit is ideal for an after school club to build over a series of sessions. Pupils or teachers can get hands on with bamboo and learn about it as a material as well as how a bike comes together
  • PROJECT: Single starter kit
    Single build kit for school and college. Perfect for teachers to learn how to build and how teach to build a bamboo bike
  • PROJECT: Craft kit
    The build process will take 2 hrs. Using simple tools, by the end of the build every student will have a understanding about the unique properties of bamboo
  • PRODUCT: Workshop morning session
    A class bike building session at our London workshop. Learn bike building fundamentals and working bamboo
  • CASE STUDY: Portsmouth University
    We helped Portsmouth University with a Mechanical study of the two bamboo species that we use. We have carried out a number of test ourselves with the resources available. Combined with thousands of miles of riding and the experience we have had of teaching building bamboo bikes over the last four years
  • CASE STUDY: Ringmer Secondary School
    Bamboo Bicycle Club have been working with Sustrans and Ringmer School to create a program for their after schools cycle club