Bamboo Bicycle Club London

about our workshop.

Our frame building workshops are run over a weekend.  We offer additional finished workshop to fit all the components (wheels etc.) alternatively we provide a finishing guide, if you want to fit components at home.

We custom design each frame based on your measurements.  You can build any style of bicycle (MTB, Road, Hybrid, Track, Fatbike)

On Saturday you will start by selecting all your own tubing, shaping and cutting to form the two front and rear triangle of a bicycle. On Sunday you will form all the lugs which join the bamboo together.

Workshop are maximum of 4 people at a time, our house bamboo beer is supplied at the end of each day!

Workshop start at 9am until 5pm on Saturday & Sunday. We run 2 workshops every month.  Contact us for availability

Weekend Workshop

Finishing Workshop

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What’s included

  • Health and Safety in the workshop
    Custom designed frame for all participants as well as choice of dropouts
  • How to set up a bicycle frame building jig
    Selecting bamboo tubing and how to cut and shape
  • Demonstration of cutting and creating a mitered join between the bamboo poles
  • Correct alignment of frame to accommodate
  • Working with glues and how to join bamboo.
  • Finishing and removing from bicycle jig

For further details, or to check availability, email  or click the link below

£495.00 (excl VAT)

What’s included

  • Sanding equipment for shaping lugs
  • Filling and priming
  • Paints and vanish
  • 1/1 Assistance with fitting components
  • Unlimited usage of the workshop




£150 (excl VAT)


Contact for availability


The workshop FAQ below explain some key questions for more details, Please view our FAQ page.

What style of frame can you build

You can build any style of frame within reason! we’ve built the following bikes, Road, Hybrid, Track, Fat, MTB, Tandem, Cyclocross, Electric, Boat, and quite a few other variations!

Can I fit racks, mudguards, bottle cages?

Yes, all our frames can be fitted with most accessaries. Over the years we have developed lots of techniques and workaround that make most metal/carbon frame com compatible with bamboo.

Can I sign up for a 2 day workshop and then come back over evenings or another day.

We run evening and alternative weekend session for finishing your frame. Allowing people to finish their frames at a time that suits them.

Why don't you build bikes for people

We firmly believe in people learning and creating something for themselves.  If you would prefer to buy then some good companies are, Calfee Designs, or Erba

How do I book a course

Our course are run once a month. If you e-mail us we can let you know what availability we have. We require a £150.00 deposit to hold your place

What about components?

Customers can either use a donor bike or purchase new or used parts. We provide a parts service and can supply most manufactures. We also offer a wheel building service for £20.00 per wheel.

What our customers say

  • Really enjoyed the workshop, the small group, the social context, the positive atmosphere and the high level of knowledge from James and Emmanuelle. Mats Stendtrom, Sweden 
  • It's unflippinbelievably good! Karl McCracken - Home build kit builder
  • They also cycle well. I take James's bike for a spin and the ride is light, stiff and smooth thanks to bamboo's ability to dampen vibration. Impressive, considering I target every pothole - James Stewart – Guardian  
  • Being very new to the bike world, I was fairly nervous about going about building a bike from scratch, but I needn’t have been. The workshop had a really relaxed atmosphere but at the same time was clearly and well structured and there was help at every step of the way if it was needed. The fact that we could work at our own pace and problem-solve as we went really helped me to get a better understanding of what I was doing during the build and has given me an even greater appreciation for the finished bike.
    There was really helpful correspondence before and after the build with guidance on components and parts and any other of my weird questions were answered too.
    I have come out with a 100% unique bike which is brilliant to ride and beautiful to look at too!
    Thank you Bamboo Bicycle Club!
    William, Fine Art Student.
  • workshop this weekend – very well set-up and great fun! Tim - Weekend Workshop
    Great Fun
  • I wanted to say many thanks for the workshop last weekend. I really appreciate the time, advice, help and chat over the weekend .. and, even though I like completing things, I look forward to the next steps of finishing the frame, building the bike, adjusting it I and then riding it. I liked the balance you struck between helping and leaving us to get on: I liked how sometimes it was all about the bike and other times it was just about other things: with good food and music thrown in. Aidan - Weekend Workshop
  • I’ve been riding it for two months now and I’ve lost count of the times strangers have asked me about it. I’ll admit to being terrified the first time I went down a steep hill, but the bamboo tubes and my handiwork with the glue remain sound. The bike is light and flexible and rides really well. Rob Penn – Author of All about the Bike – FT.
  • In a society where we spend most of our lives hunched over a computer screen, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to be creative, use my hands, and build a one-off, bespoke product that I can cycle around London. Nevermind one that suits my body-type and personality far more than anything I've ever seen in a typical bike shop. Claire Smith, London
  • Thanks for a great weekend. Really enjoyed it a lot. Still picking the glue off my arms.  It's a great fun bike to ride, found my legs are a blur at 26 mph! Stuart - Weekend Workshop
  • I have been really pushing it, this is Downhill territory which is as punishing as it gets and the bike has performed well beyond my expectations, its worth it just for the the oh you are on a fat bike, what make is it, oh you made it! I am genuinely really properly impressed with what its done! Iain, Weekend Workshop.
  • At the end of the workshop, each bike reflected the personality of whoever had made it. Some were lean and sporty. Others were pristine, methodically made and expertly finished. My bike is charmingly flawed, clearly the work of someone who charges into things without thinking them through and then hopes for the best. The bike is me. I don’t think I could love it any more than I do. Stuart Heritage – Guardian
  • I thought the whole process and workshop was great experience and friendly/personal touch.
    The teams way of working with people and approach, teaching from engineering background was really good...I really got a lot out of – and opened my mind to new ideas...I learned a lot about bicycle building. James Roberts  - Weekend Workshop
  • Despite never having worked on bikes let alone build a bike! I never imaged I could build my own!  The workshop was good fun and I learnt some useful skills. For someone that works behind a desk it was great to be using my hands! I've been riding the bike to work everyday. It's fast and lightweight, perfect for my daily commute Imogen Edmonds - Weekend Workshop
  • Thank you for the experience. It was a blast. The combination of learning a new skill, with interesting people, good music and patient guidance was both therapeutic and wonderful fun. I would and will recommend it to anyone who wants to fall in love with a bike ! Anthony
  • As the course went along. I started off thinking the finished thing should be sanded, polished and seamless. But as I got into the process of making it, I came to love its bulbous joints and wonky brake bridge. I carefully selected those tubes. I lovingly wrapped those joints.  I didn't want to hide the imperfections – to me, they're beautiful....A masterpiece. A bit rough around the joins, but an incredibly satisfying masterpiece.  Derren Kisner Weekend Workshop