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Lovely Craft Club

Posted by James Marr on
Lovely Craft Club

What your organisations and brief backgrounds?

I run craft workshops designed to help people to discover their inner maker! Making things is incredibly rewarding but it can be difficult to find the time to get set up with a new hobby, so my aim is to provide workshops where you don’t need to do any preparation, you just turn up and everything is ready and planned to help you make something really lovely. Plus, you go home with a new skill and all the information you need to keep you crafting.

Knitting craft

When did Lovely Craft Club start?

I started out as London Craft Club in 2014. Over the last 6 years it’s grown and grown, so whereas in the beginning it was just me teaching, then we got lots of other people on board to teach and run the club. Recently though, I’ve pared back to just teaching my own classes as I was getting buried in admin rather than doing what I love. We changed to Lovely Craft Club partly because we also do a lot of corporate work now, and it’s all over the UK.

How did it start, and what was the vision?

I wanted to start a business that added something of benefit to the world, and also allowed me to work family friendly hours whilst indulding in my love of teaching and making

Why do you think it’s important that people make rather than buying things?

It shows you the value of things. If you bought the materials and spent the time making it, not only do you then question how it can be made so cheaply for the high street, but also you value it. Secondly, all objects have a history. I have a background in museums and my husband does too, so the life an object has lived has huge importance to me. I would rather have a few really meaningful objects than carry some history with them, than lots of new objects that I don’t really value emotionally. That said, a new object that was made with care and ethics, that I really love for its beauty or functionality, is something I’d love to have!

What’s the hardest part of one of your craft making workshop workshop?

The hardest part is usually people’s confidence about their making. People arrive and say that they are rubbish at making, but often they really aren’t! If you love making from a young age, you tend to do it more and hone some of your motor skills but also build your confident. It’s easier to do that when your young, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible later in life

What workshops do you teach and how much do they cost?


Papermaking, Pyrography (wood burning) Arm Knitting, Hand Crochet, Needlefelting, Macrame, Embroidery, Glass engraving, Glass etching, Hand sewing, Papercutting, And more things. I studied Glass at Art college, and also Sculpture, plus I have sewn and knitted since I was a kid and have collected a huge number of craft skills. But what I’ve got good at is translating those skills into workshops that introduce people to a new craft in under three hours in a fun, achievable and rewarding way, so I develop workshops all the time.

They start tat £39 and go up to £99 occiasionally. On average its £49

Craft Making

How can people book a workshop?

Head to www.lovelycraftclub.couk to book

How long do your workshop take?

2-3 hours, no more

Wood shaping

What do you see in the future for Lovely Craft Club?

Much more blogging and more books!

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