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Bamboo Bicycle Club and Southbank UTC have worked over the last 18 months to create and implement a unique build program to align with Southbank UTC curriculum. The program offers the students a unique insight into, frame design, building with composite, use of composite bonding and finally sports performance.

The Project – Specification

This project forms an introduction to engineering for both Year 10 and 12 students, with a similar challenge delivered to both cohorts. Students in teams of 6-8 are set the brief of designing and building single speed bikes to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Must be built to a high degree of accuracy based on 3D CAD drawings
  • Must be strong and stable, capable of being raced competitively
  • Must be built entirely using hand tools
  • Must maximise sustainability and minimise waste
  • Must be aesthetically pleasing, appealing to a target market of 14-24 year olds in the urban market
  • Must be well-finished, offering a high degree of durability
  • Extension: Design and pitch proposed marketing materials comprising the 4Ps of the marketing mix
  • Challenge: custom-build for a specific rider

Each team will use 3D CAD drawings and a detailed set of instructions along with jigs and hand tools to build their frames and assemble componentry in order to finish their bikes. They must integrate a design and aesthetic dimension and operate in a manner which minimises waste and maximises the longevity of the finished product.

Effective planning, communication and time management will be essential. Teams will be managed by UTC staff with +/- points issued for individuals and teams. These points convert to the students’ individual and Company share price values.

Learning Outcomes

Technical skills:

  • Understanding of CAD drawings
  • understanding of materials properties
  • ability to use hand tools including jigs and saws to a high degree of accuracy;
  • assembly; testing; finishing.

Employability skills:

  • Teamwork
  • organisation
  • digital skills
  • technical skills;
  • literacy (marketing and promotional materials, interpretation of instructions);
  • communication;
  • numeracy
  • ambition


The pupils have successfully built a range of bicycle in the classroom environments using products provided by Bamboo Bicycle Club. We created bespoke jigs and learning materials to align with the schools requirements.

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South Bank Engineering UTC is privileged to have unrivalled support from university and employer sponsors and partners. This enables our students to benefit from deep and authentic experiences of project-based learning. The projects give students further opportunities to develop their skills, enhance their academic progress and to give them the edge. Along with our major sponsors, our partners include Fujitsu, Cisco, The Army, Squire & Partners, Bamboo Bicycle Club, the Natural History Museum, Practical Action and more.

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