Bamboo Bicycle Club London

Simple Kit for Schools


 ABOUT  : Our custom designed schools kit allows either teachers or students to build one bamboo bike in a class room or during after school club using the same methods we teach in our workshops.

The entire process is carefully described in build manuals written with the novice builder in mind. The step-by-step guides with photographs and illustrations coach you carefully through the process.

 Price £180.00 

 BUILDING:  The build process will take 2 days with a additional 1/2 day required for fitting wheel. The kit is ideal for an after school club to build over a series of sessions. Pupils or teachers can get hands on with bamboo and learn about it as a material as well as how a bike comes together.

 FINSHING:  The frame can be finished in lots of ways. Pupils and teacher and experiment with colours and finished as well considering environment protection

 RIDING:  Once complete the bike is ready to ride. It can used as any normal ride!

Available only through e-mail order