Bamboo Bicycle Club London
  • Alan Bamboo Garden Bike

    Alan Bamboo Garden Bike

    Built by Alan as a simple bike for going to his veg patch. Finished with the following component, Strumey...

  • Darren Bamboo Hybrid

    Darren Bamboo Hybrid

    Darren built a bamboo bicycle at a 3 day workshop. Ideally suited for his London commute. The components used...

  • Bill’s Bamboo Bike

    Bill’s Bamboo Bike

    Bill built his bamboo bike as part of a three day workshop, Components used are, 3 Speed Strumey archer...

  • Annabel’s Mixte Bicycle

    Annabel’s Mixte Bicycle

    Annabel built her bicycle over a 3 day workshop. Set up as a three speed bicycle with flat handlebars