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Phase Four: Shape the Rear Triangle

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Creating the rear triangle, consisting of a rear stay and a chain stay, is the next step. Thinner bamboo pieces will be used for the chain stays and thicker pieces are used for seat stays. Builders shape the seat stays and chain stays using stainless steel dropouts. The rear stays are shaped using a saw and some final shaping with a knife.

The seat stays are then aligned and prepared for tacking. For added strength, metal inserts are placed after everything is positioned correctly. Electrical tape will be used to hold everything in place while it dries and then it is time for the next phase of the process.

Photo Courtesy of James Cannon



  1. Duncan July 12, 2015 Reply

    I have a bamboo bike which was made by webbworks in Thailand. The frame has cantilever brake fittings but I want to change it to road/calliper fitment because the rear seat stays flex too much so I have been looking to buy a brake bridge of some sort to increase the rigidity of the seat stays and change the force direction from pushing in/out to forward/backward force (if you follow that :s)!
    However I haven’t been able to find anything suitable so thought I would try yourselves to see if you have rear road brake bridges, if you would sell the part (and any additional fitting bits necessary) and whether you even think it’s possible or indeed have a better idea altogether???
    Hope to hear back from you before I end up in a ditch at the bottom of my local hill!

    • Author
      marrj July 13, 2015 Reply

      Hi Duncan. We do have rear brake bridge. You would need to bind them in you a glue and binding material.

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