Bamboo Bicycle Club London

Hall of Frames – Built by makers

About: Each bike has been built by a first time builder at home or during a workshop.

Our aim is to create great bikes that are durable, rigid and perform on par with the commercial market. Bamboo Bikes are at the beginning and we believe that bio-composite materials are the future! Soon we hope to see a bamboo bike in the Tour de France. Our aim is too keep pushing the boundaries!

Enjoy viewing!

Things to think about if your looking to build!

  • Understanding what you want: What will you use the bike for?
  • Budget: What’s your budget for a new bike?
  • Fitting: It’s important to pick the right frame size for you. It will improve performance more then anything else!
  • Time: Allow enough! If you want a super sleek racing machine then it will take more time!