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Educational Build Pack


The bamboo Bicycle Club has been established for 3 years teaching people to build their own bamboo bikes. After numerous requests from teachers who attended our workshop we created the educational kit for schools and community groups.  Our aim in designing it was as a teaching aid to enhance and enrich the current circiliumum. Building a bamboo bicycle crosses over many key subject in the ciriculum and provides pupils with an exciting and tangible project for future learning and discovery.

The kit it primarily targeted at GCSE, A-level and University Students

 Making  The frame building kit is design to allow pupil to design and build there own bamboo bicycle. All the tools required are found in a DT lab and if their not we can supply a tool pack. The bamboo education kit is a create way for pupil to learn about composite materials, transportation design and sports.


  • Develop creativity, technical knowledge and craftsmanship.
  • Learn about use of bio-composites and working with bamboo
  • Develop understanding of bicycle design and ergonomic considerations
  • Enhancement of basic engineering and design skills which can be applied to additional modes of transports and product.
  • Team work, problem solving

 Support and additional learning: 

  • Bamboo Bicycle Club provide a range of resources to assist in teaching, including all the physical properties of bamboo, bio composite and bicycle assembly.
  • Bamboo Bicycle Club can also provide design and CAD files for custom frame design and customization.
  • Materials can be provided for similar projects such as ATB vehicle, trailer, speakers and other bamboo products.Crossover ciriculumum

 Crossover ciriculumum 

Design Technology , Arts, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education

 Whats included and pricing 

The initial kit will provide all the equipment to needed build 6 frames

 Initial Kit Includes:  

Jig: Our re-usable aluminum jig has been developed over the past four years to accommodate all frame styles. It can be easily set up and configured, and can be re-used again and again.

Tube Notcher: Our frames are made using miter cuts, which is very similar to how a steel frame is put together. We supply a tube knotcher will allowing cuts to be made quickly and accurately.

Metal Dropouts: Custom designed metal dropouts (these hold the rear  wheel in place) As part of the educational package design can be designed by students or supplied.

Metals: Some metal parts are required to complete the frame build. A bottom bracket shell (fitting for the crank), head tube (steering fork) and seat tube insert.

Bamboo: Supplied with spare tubes for experimenting!

Manuals: Three seperate manuals, explaining the build.

Resource PDF: A selection of educational resources explaining bamboo as a material and composite moulding.

A0 Plans: A selection of pre-designed bamboo bikes. Support is also available for students looking to create their own designs.

Epoxy resin 6kg (enough for 6 bikes)

 Start up kit price – £Please contact us! 

 Top-up for Additional Bikes available 


Contact us for bespoke pack options