Bamboo Bicycle Club Workshop

The Bamboo Bicycle Club Workshop

Tucked away in an East London warehouse, the Bamboo Bicycle Club runs workshops allowing people to build bamboo bicycle frames safely, drawing on all the knowledge and experience of Club founders and members.

About the weekend workshop

The workshops are run over a weekend, with days starting at 8am and usually wrapping up at around 5-6pm.

Pre-workshop: Before the course starts you will need to complete our joining questionnaire, which you’ll get your hands on by completing the online form below. Each bicycle is custom designed by us to suit the rider’s geometry. We prepare all the frame drawings in advance of the weekend workshop so that bikes can be built accurately.

Saturday:  By far the busiest day of the build – you’ll set up your jig, select bamboo tubes and notch them to fit the steel and cromoly installations, then everything gets tacked into place ready for binding the next day.

Sunday: Focusing on binding and creating all the joints, the main processes are normally wrapped up by lunchtime,  when we generally head down to the local micro brewery for some well deserved beers and pizza whilst the resin dries!

Post-Workshop: The frame normally takes 24hrs to gain full strength. We can fit parts straight away but the bicycle won’t be fully rideable. We encourage most people to come back on a Monday of their choice where we are open 9am-9pm for building sessions.

Once the workshop has been completed, as a Bamboo Bicycle Club member you’re welcome to come back and use the facilities to work on your bike or just make stuff out of bamboo!

If you have any questions take a look at our FAQ page, and if  still unanswered contact us

Fill in the blanks and we’ll ping you some more info: