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Guest Blog by Sara Dawkins

Bicycle Trailers for Riding Across the UK

Bicycling with the family can be a fun and rewarding experience for both parent and child. It could be a great way to experience the outdoors for the child as they ride comfortably in a kind of trailer. These “kiddie trailers” can be attached to the parent’s bicycle and towed such as a trailer being towed by a vehicle. These trailers are built for safety and comfort complete with a tent-like hood to prevent the children from getting wet. There are many ways to travel by bicycle in the United Kingdom with or without a child as your cargo.

Pet Bicycle Trailer

1. Pet Carrier – Many of us enjoy sharing the outdoors with our pets. Trailers of varying sizes can be mounted to your bicycle to take these pets along for the ride. From inside a protected tent-like dome, your pet can enjoy as much of the outdoors as you do.

Bicycle Rack

2. Cargo Racks – There are bicycle trailers that are nothing more than racks that you can strap your luggage on. Whether it is camping gear, suitcases, or groceries you can use your bicycle to haul as much as your legs have the strength for.

Bicycle Container

3. Containers – If you need to have better protection from the elements or need to keep something cold, there are container trailers that are made of durable plastic. As these can vary in size, you can store enough food for a quick bicycle trip to the park or go on a full-blown camping excursion.

Bike Tent House

4. Campers – For those who are planning on bicycling across the UK, having a collapsible camper trailer for your bicycle could help keep you safe and warm at night. These trailers can fold out to sleep one comfortably, possibly two if you don’t mind being too close to someone. They work much like a collapsible hunting trailer without the bulk. These campers can be set up and dismantled relatively quickly for a more hassle free bicycling/camping experience.

Bicycle Saddle Bags

5. Saddlebag Trailers – Some trailers you can use consist of a single wheel that connects to your bicycle loaded with saddlebags on either side. These are perfect for cross country tours or extended day rides from one city to the next. Survival equipment and water can be carried in these smaller bags ensuring you have a safe and healthy ride.

Wagon trailer for bicycles

6. Wagon Trail – Extravagant bicycling could include a mode of transportation that has been around for hundreds of years. Trailers that resemble miniature covered wagons can be attached to your bicycle which server the same purpose they did in the past. Whether your hauling goods or children, the covered wagon could provide protection for your cargo from the sun while you ride to your destination.

Bamboo Bicycle Trailer

7. DIY Trailer – Customization could give you exactly what you want in a trailer to cross the UK with. As long as it has spinning wheels, nearly any object or idea can be attached to the bicycle for towing. You’re only limited by your engineering skills.

For those interested it bicycling across the UK and taking in the sites, there are many options depending on your needs. Whether you are showing the child the beautiful UK landscape or on a camping pilgrimage to bicycle across the the country, there are many styles of trailers you can choose from. Find the one that is perfect for you and enjoy the outdoors.
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