Bamboo Bicycle Club London

Acoustic Speaker


 ABOUT  : Our acoustic speaker is designed as introduction to working with bamboo. It allows pupils to forge there very own sound enhancer for their mobile phone. The build time is around 1 hour and could easily be made in under 2hrs.

The entire process is carefully described in build manuals written with the novice builder in mind. The step-by-step guides with photographs and illustrations coach you carefully through the process.

 Price £22.00 


 BUILDING:  The build process will take 2 hrs. Using simple tools, by the end of the build every student will have a understanding about the unique properties of bamboo.

 FINSHING:  So many styles can be applied, painted, stained or natural. Pupil will gain a understanding of finishing as well as letting their creativity flourish.

 LISTENING:  The bamboo speaker enhances the sound of any phone giving usage when out and about.

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