Bamboo Bicycle Club London

About Bamboo Bicycle Club



The Bamboo Bicycle Club enables people with little or no bike building experience to create bicycles whatever their taste. Offering weekend workshops, the Club has helped individuals construct every single style of bicycle from tandems to road, world touring, MTB, electric, hybrid, cargo and many more. Having been developed and updated over the course of five years, our home build kits are perfect for those who are unable to attend the workshops but still want the experience of building your own bicycle from scratch. 

Combining passion for sustainable transport and material-use wherever possible, the aim of the Club is to invite people from all backgrounds to discover the joy and satisfaction of building their very own bespoke bicycle by hand from start to finish.

Why we teach

Our freedom to make things ourselves is being increasingly restricted, but bicycles are still something which we can tinker with, modify, build and ride!  Building something yourself is a very different experience to simply buying  it and the connection and knowledge gained is invaluable.

Against a tide of mass consumption, we believe that in the future people will choose and customise more and more to create the right product for them. Bamboo is the most accessible bicycle material and provides incredible properties for creating the perfect bicycle.

With our support and knowledge we hope to create more and more makers!

Commitment to the advancement of cycling

The Bamboo Bicycle Club is a place of continued advancement in the methods of bamboo bicycle building. We believe that with the correct research, bamboo bikes can advance beyond all other bicycles.

When we began as a Club, we could have never imaged that people would be using our bicycles for racing, traveling across the world, stunt, hurling down mountains or just getting to work. We have created countless unique designs with individuals we’ve worked with as well as have been able to prove that bamboo is a viable frame material.

We have conducted research with Portsmouth University and have recently begun working closely with Oxford Brooks University on master student projects.

We are currently working with the Design Museum London on a live build project titled ‘The Future of Cycling’. 

More coming soon!