Bamboo Bicycle Club London

About Bamboo Bicycle Club



The Bamboo Bicycle Club is a Social Enterprise and has been running for over three years enabling hundreds of people to learn, design, build and ride their very own custom bamboo bicycle.

The Club was founded by James and Ian, two bike riding engineers whose aim was to create a bicycling community interested in building their own robust and safe bamboo bicycle frames. Due to its incredible popularity, what began as a hobby has now become a well established London hub of frame building innovation .

The Club enables people with little or no bike building experience to create designs whatever their taste. During their many weekend group the Club have helped individuals construct every single style of bicycle from tandems to road, world touring, MTB, electric, hybrid, cargo and many more!

Combining passion for sustainable transport and material-use wherever possible, the aim of the Club is to invite people from all backgrounds to discover the joy and satisfaction of building their very own bespoke bicycle by hand from start to finish.