About the Bamboo Bicycle Club:

The Bamboo Bicycle Club is partnership between James and Ian, two bike-riding engineers who aim to create a knowledge sharing community for building robust and safe bamboo bicycle frames. We want to transfer the skills and experience we have gained over the last two years – helping those riders who don’t have the time to research materials or test jig set-ups to realise their dream and own a bamboo bicycle which they have built to their chosen geometry.

We aim to introduce the joy and satisfaction of self-build bicycle frames to those with similar desires, and promote sustainable transport and material-use wherever possible in life.

James  Marr, Bamboo Bicycle Club Co-Founder

James Marr - Founder Bamboo Bicycle ClubMy passion for bicycles began from an early age.  My mother is from the Netherlands, so growing up I spent a lot of my childhood surrounded by bikes and regularly going on tours and using a variety of bicycles for regular commuting.

At university I studied Design Engineering which gave me a healthy passion for design, becoming increasingly interested in sustainable products which are viable alternatives to existing norms.  I began working on a the Bamboo Bicycle Club over two years ago and after continuous development and extensive research I am keen to start sharing the skills I have learnt with others. I believe strongly in promoting sustainability in communities and feel that the Bamboo Bicycle Club will allow people to achieve this as well as giving a different dimension and joy to cycling.james@bamboobicycleclub.org


Ian McMillan, Bamboo Bicycle Club Co-Founder

Ian McMillan - Founder Bamboo Bicycle ClubThe mere thought of being able to ride a bicycle made from such an unlikely material immediately filled me with excitement and enthusiasm, but it soon transpired that the only way to gain the ultimate riding experience was to build one of my own! Being motivated purely by the end-result, building my first bamboo bike was the most fantastic journey, and finally allowed me to check out the ride for myself – I haven’t stopped building since.

Having cycle-commuted for 6 years, I have increasingly understood the significance of one’s relationship with their bike, and how that ever sought after custom-ride is now achievable. ian@bamboobicycleclub.org